Photo enthusiast and part time professional photographer located in southern Indiana

A little about me



I spent about ten years in retail, mostly in home improvement stores and attended college toward the end of that time. In 1996 I graduated and entered the aviation field with NetJets in Columbus, Ohio where I grew into training and development roles. After a layoff in 2009 I worked in the manufacturing, marketing and financial services industries, all in corporate training settings.

Then in October 2017 I joined UPS as a Technical Supervisor of Training Program Development in the pilot training center. It's so nice to be back in the aviation training field and with a great company! For more information about my professional side, feel free to visit me on Linked In at


I have a B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences from The Ohio State University with a major in aviation management, and along the way I earned my Private Pilot and Aircraft Dispatcher licenses, too. I also have professional certifications in instructional design, training management, facilitation, and others from companies including DDI, MHI Global, and Langevin. 


In the mid early 90's as I got serious about my career, the real motivator was my passion for aviation, especially flying, and I earned my Private Pilot certificate while I attended college. It was too expensive to keep going with flight training, so I only flew occasionally after that until 2003 when we were expecting our first child. Once we went down to a single income, flying came to a grinding halt for over 16 years. 

Recently as I got to know many pilots at UPS, the old flying bug came roaring back and I couldn't resist the call back to the air. So I renewed my medical certificate, then in the Spring of 2019 I joined a group of folks to own a share of a sweet old 1967 Piper Cherokee and started flying once again. It's been great, and I hope to remain an active pilot for years to come. 


I've enjoyed photography since the mid-90’s when I took a beginners class in college, in which we learned the fundamentals, using manual 35mm cameras and doing darkroom film developing. Since then I’ve self-taught by taking classes, working with others, and doing lots of reading and practice. Early on I used Pentax cameras like a P-30t and a PZ-1p SLR, then switched to Canon with an Elan 7. I converted to digital in 2003 with an Olympus C5050z camera, and later upgraded to Canon Rebel products. 

Today I do some paid work like portraits and events on the side, but the rest of my time behind the shutter is spent in parks, city and country locations, and occasional trips where I take pictures for the sheer enjoyment of it. My favorite subject (besides my family) is nature photography, but I'll shoot pretty much anything that looks interesting. 

I currently use Canon Rebel D-SLRs and a trusty Canon G15, my everyday carry-around camera. I even shoot with my iPhone now that the cameras on them are so good. On the “darkroom” side, I use ON1 Photo Raw running on a Mac Mini for photo management and editing. I have a modest basement home studio, with a few monolights, umbrellas, soft box, reflectors and backdrops. It's great to have when the Midwest weather makes outdoor shooting difficult.  

Faith and Family

While my career and hobbies are big in my life, such things could never define who I am. My beliefs and core values are what really drive me. Everything revolves around my faith in God and the Bible; he is my beginning and end, and the reason I exist. I'm also a committed husband and father of two amazing kids. 


So enough about me - thanks for reading! I hope this gives you an idea of who I am, and that you’ll find enjoyment in my pictures, as I do. All my best!