Photo enthusiast and part time professional photographer located in southern Indiana

I shoot mainly for fun, and also don’t mind a paid job or two once in a while! I’m available most evenings and weekends in southern Indiana, Louisville and the surrounding area for many kinds of photography including events, portraits, and various assignment work.

Below are details on shooting rates. I charge a nominal session fee in advance, and prints are sold separately through my website, currently at cost. Since I'm 100% freelance, my costs are low and so are my prices. For more information, feel free to contact me anytime!

Session Rates
Events Portraits Assignments
$60/hr $80 2-hr session Quoted by job
Sports games, parties, concerts, plays, performances, grand openings, parades, etc. Families, senior pics, professional pics, modeling comps, pets, babies, kids. Real estate, products, e-Bay pics, vehicles, etc.

Getting Your Pictures

Your Choice: Online Gallery or Disc
I’m happy to provide your images on a USB drive or online gallery here on my web site. Images are usually ready within about a week. If you choose an online gallery, it can be password-protected, and you can easily share it with others by using a link. There is no ordering time limit; your gallery will not expire. I like to recommend this option, since it’s a permanent backup solution, should you ever need reprints.

Using the Online Gallery to order Prints and Photo Products

I don’t mark up the price, so my cost is your cost. SmugMug’s prices are the same or slightly higher than popular services like Snapfish, and the labs they use are some of the best in the business. You can place photo orders right from your online gallery, at your convenience, and have them sent directly to you. So can your friends and family, as you wish.

You can also order any time, as many times as you want. Placing your order is simple and secure, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Prints are available in wide variety of sizes and styles. Many other products, like mugs, tee shirts, greeting cards, calendars, and more are also available. You’ll be impressed with the list!

Digital Downloads

For assignments and some events or portraits in which electronic images are desired, downloads can be made right from the gallery. Pricing for these is dependent on the size and type of use (commercial vs. private license), and will be quoted when the photo shoot is booked.

More Info

Satisfaction (rather, delight) Guaranteed
One reason I chose SmugMug to host my web site is their high standards for printing quality. Their work is top-quality, the service is fast, and they guarantee satisfaction. You’ll be very pleased, just as I have been.

Portrait Sessions

The standard session fee covers up to two hours at any local location, and has no limit on the number of poses or outfit changes. I also don't charge extra for more people, pets, or other additions.

What if the session turns out to be really short? No problem. If you want just a pose or two, a headshot, or other simple image, it's pretty likely that we won't need much time. For sessions that are 30-60 minutes the fee is reduced to $40.

High School Seniors

Senior pictures are a big deal! It’s not uncommon to spend hundreds for them, and it can take hours to do the shoot. Let’s face it, these are important pictures, so you want them done well. The problem is, not everyone can afford to spend the equivalent of two or three car payments for them. I couldn’t. And that’s why I love to do these affordably for others.

Why consider me over a studio? Simple: I customize the session to you and your style, I don’t use silly props or costumes, I charge really low prices, I’ll shoot pretty much anywhere you want to, and I’m super flexible with scheduling. I do this for fun, not for big profits!

Because you’ll want variety with these, it’s a good idea to do two sessions in order to get a larger spread of pictures, outfits, and settings. If you want to do this, the first session is $80 (my standard fee), and the second is $40 for a total of $120. Want even more? A third isn’t usually needed, but I’m happy to do one for another $40. Remember, prints are at cost.


I shoot mainly on location for natural looking images and environmental portraits, and also have a small home studio. Name your place; a park, ball field, city setting, home, or just about anywhere you like! I'm always scouting locations and have many to suggest, as well.

Feel free to contact me any time with questions about these or other services!